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Common Questions

  • What ages are lessons designed for?
    We don't have a set age limit, but typically around 3 years old would be closest. If the student is fine being in water without their parent holding them (ie working with instructor support out of arms reach of the parent), that would be the minimum level. At this time, our instructors don't teach parent/infant lessons. As for maximum age, our lessons are designed for helping to build confidence to be an independent swimmer, and not so much as swim team stroke clinic type lessons. If your child wants extra work on refining strokes for competitive swim, it would be best to reach out to a swim team coach for details on what they may offer in that regard.
  • Can I book multiple lessons at once?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to book multiple services at once. Customers can, however, book a service and then click Check out more services to book another service. We would also suggest signing up for a profile on the site/downloading the partner app so that you can manage multiple bookings throughout the season. Link below to the support article from website hosts on multiple bookings.
  • What happens if scheduled lessons can't be held due to storms or other unforeseen pool closures?
    Each pool manager/instructor will have access to the app that goes with this site that will allow them to contact you directly and reschedule or cancel the lesson and allow you to sign up on your end for another session that fits your schedule.
  • Will any other sessions be added?
    Since our swim instructors are also lifeguards/attendants at the pools, the session availability is set up around their guard/attendant shifts. If all sessions fill up well in advance, the pool manager/instructor will have the ability to open more sessions as they fit the instructor and pool availability.
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